Aiming for the stars.

Summer is the season when I feel the necessity to take a cooling shower every five minutes and redesign my website, though I’m not sure if there’s a connection. Anyway: this summer is no exception. If I counted correctly, my website’s next version should be the eighteenth – quite the number.

My website was, to give a brief review, for many years supposed to showcase my drawings – only that I never had any, because I don’t draw. I make websites.

Whatever. The next version is supposed to be a bit more “mature” than previous versions; less experimental, easier to use and with a very reduced sitemap. A classic portfolio with anything you’d expect, though as good and sophisticated and complex and voluminous and fancy and creative as I am able to make it.

I’m feeling a bit awkward and embarrassed that I actually dare to say this, but I really want to get The FWA‘s Site of the Day award – the most prestigious online award and, in my opinion, the only one that matters. The technological and creative level of The FWA’s winners is incredibly high, they’re beyond any doubt the very vanguard of webdesign.

And even though I consider myself experienced enough to make good websites, I consider my chances to be rather slim. But failing won’t be a problem, because the next summer will come, without a doubt, and so will better skills :)

In any case, I’ll use this blog to keep track of this or other projects!

4 Thoughts.

  1. Ist doch ein nettes Ziel, warum nicht :) Von den FWA Awards höre ich heute zum ersten mal, die Site ist schon ziemlich klasse :)

  2. Ein wahrhaft großes Ziel…auch wenn ich auch noch nie was von den FWA Awards gehört habe.
    Da kann ich wirklich nur viel Erfolg wünschen…
    Naja, sonst gibts hier ja auch noch nicht viel.

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