Collada and Cinema4D, Update

After some more digging it turned out that my problems with DAE-Animations were most likely a problem of Cinema4D’s Collada exports. Blender’s exports should be bugged as well, as I wrote the last time, with faulty animation. And while there’s tons of options for exporting Blender models into PV3D, none seems to include animation.

Building Quake2 MD2-Models with Milkshape may still be a way, but there’s still a ton of obstacles, with no guaranteed success or even only a documented workflow at all. Cast3D also turned out to be no option, because it needs proper models first.

OpenCollada‘s 1.3.0 Trunk seems to be, as far as I’ve read, the only proper Collada exporter for Papervision if you want animated objects – or at least some folks with 3ds Max claim to be able to work reasonably well with it. Good that I use a Mac, because there’s no 3ds Max for Mac. Macs are great.

I start to wonder if it’s either that there’s so few people who want to have animated characters in flash that no one talks about it or if it’s just that everyone uses 3ds Max to begin with, and that they never come across those problems :-(

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