Fresh start

I’ve gotten pretty far in terms of the redesign but decided to scrap it all, haha. I got into papervision and planned to make a website that’s a mixture of 2D and 3D, which would’ve allowed the use of fancy effects while still maintaining good usability. On first glance the website would look as if it’s a normal, two-dimensinal website, but during transitions and movement it’s revealed that everything is in fact just a projection of more complex three-dimensional objects (I suppose that exceeds the possibilities of written explanation).

The sitemap would’ve been rather minimal, with only a few pages, but each with a distinct look and feel and with all the effects and playfulness I could probably cramp into them. That sounded nice at first, but in the end also turned out to be the idea’s biggest flaw:

While the 2D/3D-mixture is a nice effect, it’s also “only an effect“. The whole website would have been nothing more than a compilation of what I’m able to do, much less a true idea. Still that could have maybe, maybe, maybe been enough for the Site of the Day award (just as mindless, effect-filled blockbusters like “Transformers” can be successful movies), but it would have lacked in spirit. Hence I gave up on it.

I’ve gotten a better idea in the meantime, one that involves that 3D-modeling I’ve written about earlier and which at least until now seems to be much better and much more funny and engaging. I’ve also decided to set up a new domain, to get an even more consistent package and to finally separate my professional work from my private life. After all I’ve used the the old blackspell domain since my schooldays and using it to to advertise my professional work wouldn’t feel right at all.

The new domain will be: —————–

Oh, how this alone opens up a whole new world full of ideas and possibilities… Well, I didn’t start working yet, but I will. Probably!

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