Tweener vs. TweenLite / TweenMax

This should be basic, but I still want to express my love for it: Nowadays, unless it’s small or especially detailed stuff, most of the animation I show is scripted and I suppose non of the more advanced websites around could do without. Flash’s internal Tween-Class has been around for a few years, but it’s rather cumbersome to use and not exactly fast.

Two alternative tweening-engines are widely popular: TweenLite and Tweener, with Tweener being the by far most mentioned one. Both are extremely similar, though. To e.g. set a movieclips alpha to 0 in 2 seconds, you’d write:, 2, {alpha:0}); // or:
Tweener.addTween(myMovieClip, {time:2, alpha:0});

The differences are so small, that, even in larger projects, it should be possible to switch between both within minutes. If it were only a matter of preference, I’d choose Tweener because of it’s slightly nicer syntax – but TweenLite’s speed is superior by far. Their speed test shows it quite clearly, but even in rather simple environments where I thought performance was no issue, when using Tweener, I’ve continuously gotten to dead ends I just couldn’t understand and which were solved instantly, when trying the same with TweenLite.

And one of the greatest functions in recent history (at least for me) is TweenLite’s delayedCall. As the name suggests it delays the calling of a function; which is absolutely essential, when scripting animation – and a lot less messy than using the usual onComplete parameter. I really couldn’t imagine working without it anymore. So show TweenLite some love! :)

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